Bell Lets Talk

Hey Everyone!

Today is Bell Lets Talk day!! Everyone knows that there is a huge problem when it comes to the stigma surrounding Mental Health…. but why is it necessary?? It’s OK not to be OK. The world, and life itself, is so full of challenges. We should be creating a way for people to open up about those problems; they shouldn’t have to keep it bottled up inside them until an array of emotions explode!

Life is about, loving, giving, sharing and enjoying all of the things you go through. Whether you are struggling or succeeding, life is something to celebrate.

Make the people around you feel loved. Make them feel heard. You don’t even have to say a word, just listen.

Please help end the stigma and use your influence to help others do the same! Use the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, TURN OFF IMESSAGE, text text text, call, view THIS VIDEO with Howie Mandel and many more! There are so many ways to participate!

Time is running out so GO GO GO!!!!!

Click HERE to find out more!



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