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Hey everyone, 

I know I have been absent in my writing and I apologize for that because there truly is a lot that I could write about, but I am looking at this blog and feel the need to revamp! 

There have been a lot of changes in my synchro life, school life, life life (hahaha) that makes me feel the need to change my blogging technique as well! So I hope that that is something you will look forward to in the future and also please be patient with me until I figure out what I want this page to….. evolve to 🙂 

Now for something more serious…. I just recently watched Icarus on Netflix, the link to the trailer for the film is HERE. It is about last years Olympics and the doping scandal that came with it….. I would say it is a “must see” and also an incredibly important film! 

Last year while all of this was happening, as runner up for the Olympics, my team and I were waiting to see what WADA would decide, as were many Canadian athletes in other sports – some of whom would end up going to the 2016 Olympics… It is so deeply disturbing that doping is something that happens on a regular basis… all over the world I’m sure! 

I don’t care who you are or what sport you’re in, clean sport and fair play is why the Olympics are so inspiring! It takes incredible people to push their bodies to such a high standard and for people to use substance to get ahead….. it just hurts my heart. 

I have 15 years of hard work under my belt and have been tested enough times to know what is expected of me as an athlete in and out of competition. 
This is a must see.

– Claudia 



Hey everyone!!

Hope you have all had a pleasant week, and soon to be a great weekend!!

Training has been intense to say the least! It’s time for us to get out butts kicked and get back in shape! The sweat life is the good life. 😉

With that said… How is the challenge I have given you?? Team Canada is sticking to it, supporting our own fitness and strength as we get closer to Team Selection and China! All of you are definitely capable to complete this chin up challenge, take them one at a time if you need!! Let’s go!!


I look forward to hearing some feedback! Remember you can find me on Twitter @claudiaholzner, Facebook, and Instagram… Just use #chinovember and share your experiences with me. Good luck!!!

Much Love,


A Date to Remember

August 5th, 2014….

This marks 2 years until the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro!!!

It’s amazing to think that we are halfway to our ultimate goal.  Since I have come to the Centre of Excellence, this group has evolved!! We started as a team from all different cities and coaching styles, blossoming into a family who love and respect each other; ready to work towards the common goal.  We have talked about this for so long, but we are finally at this point in the journey.  It’s incredible!!

TWO.   YEARS.   TO.   GO.

2 years

To my girls,

I remember when we 1st talked about this Olympic Quad.  We were a brand new team with so many obstacles to overcome.  Honestly, I think all of us were even a little scared to imagine that one day we would be the team that needed to fight for that spot at the Olympic Games.  All of us have worked so hard, decades, for this one moment that could ultimately change our future and the future of Canadian Synchronized Swimming.  Girls, look at how far we have come in the last 2 years!!  Its an uphill battle and it always will be, BUT REMEMBER, together we can move mountains!!  This is not an unrealistic goal, its possible and always has been possible.  All we need to do is push, together, as an unstoppable force toward those Olympic Qualifiers!

Love you always,


P.S  Special shout out to my amazing dad for his Birthday today!!! Love you! Thank you to you and mom for making this possible and never letting me give up on my dream! xo